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Need a people carrier? for up to 6 people?
Spring into Summer time specials
Book early to avoid disappointment
Overseas Students- Airport Transfer Service
Airport Transfer Specialist - any advice?
March 18th and the weather in Bournemouth has been great
24 hours too early -please check your ticket Sir.
News cars added to the range

Need a people carrier? for up to 6 people? April 26 2003, 12:23 am
make enquiries on line.
Posted by: Sales and Marketing

Happy faceSpring into Summer time specials April 26 2003, 12:22 am
Need an estate car for your excess baggage? Just fill in our enquiry form via our booking page & we will e-mail you a price /quote accordingly
Posted by: Sales and Marketing

Happy faceBook early to avoid disappointment March 26 2003, 05:04 am
Dont delay book as soon as you have your departure details.For special events e mail your requirments and we will quote you by e mail or over the phone
Posted by: Sales and Marketing

Middle arrowOverseas Students- Airport Transfer Service March 18 2003, 03:24 pm
Based in Bournemouth we are ideally positioned to help you with your arrival and departures to London Heathrow, Gatwick, Luton airport. We provide proffessional experienced,officially licenced chauffeur drivers with approved cars, estates, people carriers. We offer that extra bit of personal care for the overseas student and our prices are competitive. We are not a langauge school, our business is transporting people of all ages to and from their destination, we rely on the quality of our service to you.
Posted by: Sales and Marketing

Happy faceAirport Transfer Specialist - any advice? March 18 2003, 03:12 pm
Having been transporting customers to and from Airports in the South of England for over 3 years I suppose we can rightly call ourselves specialists in Airport Transfers. Our record of achievement has been very high but there is always room for improvement. If you can advise us of ways to improve our service or extend our customer care please let us know by e mail or letter. If its a very good suggestion you will receive a free trip to one of the London airports and a mention on this news page.
Posted by: Sales and Marketing

Middle arrowMarch 18th and the weather in Bournemouth has been great March 18 2003, 02:51 pm
For the last few days its been clear nights, stars out, the moon bright, both day and night with the occassional patch of fog, but generally driving has been a pleasure for us and hopefully for you the paying public. Dafs are out along the motorway verges, white blossom is on the hawthorn trees, deer have been spotted in the fields,creating a delightfull typically English picture. Spring is just around the corner, we look forward to seeing you again this year.
Posted by: Sales and Marketing

Happy face24 hours too early -please check your ticket Sir. March 18 2003, 02:35 pm
A funny thing happened picking up our customers today. Our driver tells me that on arrival at the customer pick up address, he was confronted by a bleary eyed person asking what he was doing at such a time and day. Politely asking the customers to check his flight details, sudden panic broke out in the household as the couple in question had got their timing 24 hours adrift. It took just 10 minutes to find the bags in the loft ,throw clothes into the cases including a pair of painting trousers and out of the door. Customers arrived in time to catch their flight and have coffee in the departures lounge. Another Car Link Air story.
Posted by: Sales and Marketing

News cars added to the range October 14 2002, 10:39 am
We have upgraded our fleet of cars including two Peugeot 406's for your increased comfort and pleasure.Air conditioning, air bags, and a non smoking policy all designed with you in mind.
Posted by: Sales & Marketing for CarLinkAir.com

Up arrowNew Mexico -couple visit Tisbury village October 14 2002, 10:35 am
We hope your stay here in the beautiful area of Tisbury, Wiltshire was relaxing. We hope to see you again next year.
Posted by: Sales & Marketing for CarLinkAir.com

Happy faceAutumn Breaks-80 miles radius of Bournemouth September 11 2002, 01:18 pm
Why not try an Autumn Break in the Dorset area. We will get you there in style from London or any location within 100 miles radius of Bournemouth. Ring or e mail us now for a quote.
Posted by: Sales & Marketing for CarLinkAir.com

Happy faceHello to our international friends-please keep in touch August 10 2002, 02:45 pm
This last few month has seen a continued increase in travel to and from the Bournemouth area via Heathrow and Gatwick. We hope you all arrived safely at your final destinations and we look forward to seeing you again soon.Dont forget to book us on line via our sites.
Posted by: Sales & Marketing for CarLinkAir.com

Happy faceWaterloo to Paris, Nice, South of France April 13 2002, 01:25 pm
20 per head sharing an estate car. Or 15 per head for 6 peole sharing a people carrier from Bournemouth to Waterloo.
Posted by: Sales & Marketing for CarLinkAir.com

Up arrowPicking up the wrong suit case. Oh No!! November 19 2001, 05:55 pm
Your worst nightmare, picking up someones case in error at the carousel, and only realising it when you have arrived at your Hotel. No clothes or wash gear etc., Fortunately a call to CarLinkAir.com ment the problem was resolved with their prompt service, picking up the case AND RETURNING it to the owners hotel on the other side of London. In exchange picking up my case from the airport lost luggage area and returning to a thankful customer. Well done, see you next trip to the UK from Italy. Mr. M.
Posted by: sales & marketing

Happy faceOverseas visitors support November 19 2001, 05:44 pm
Overseas students often feel very nervous when arriving in the UK for the first time.Heathrow & Gatwick can both be overwhelming even to the hardiest person. CarLinkAir.com staff understand these problems and make that extra special effort, putting the new arrival at ease, in a caring, friendly manner. I know because I was one of those students. Bye thank you, Miss B.
Posted by: sales & marketing

Happy faceA day to remember-Canadian tour of London November 19 2001, 05:04 pm
Just a note to say - what a great day out- and thanks a lot to all at CarLinkAir.com. As a visitor to your great little country I was over the moon with the sight of the Natural History Museum, Hyde Park,Trafalgar Square, the Mall, Buck. House Big Ben & the Houses Parliament. The mind blowing tour of the Tower of London rounded off the day. A day I will not forget in a hurry. Thanks to all at CarLinkAir.com
Posted by: sales & marketing

Happy faceI'm only 90 years young. November 19 2001, 04:49 pm
Dear Mr.Homer I would like to thank all at CarLinkAir.com for the caring approach to my friends and I on our last trip from Hove to our Bournemouth Hotel. My Zimmer frame and additional equipment presented no problem to your driver, and, at a time of possibly loss of dignity, when I had a sudden call of nature he was quick to help me to the facilities. His consideration was most appreciated and made my trip to Bournemouth so relaxed & delightful. P.S.I didn't feal my age at all.Thank you once again.
Posted by: sales & marketing

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